Cox Cactus farm offers the wholesale trade, landscape contractors and designers quality materials.

ALOE HERCULES Aloe banseii x dichotoma

One of the most popular and in-demand aloes on the market, the Aloe Hercules makes its presence known with its towering mature height of 25’-30’ and a spread of up to 15’ – rivaling many other trees in any landscape. This hybrid tree aloe gets its genetics from Aloe banseii and Aloe dichotoma, fortunately though, the Hercules is hardier than either of its parents thriving in the Arizona Summer full sun and tolerating Winter temperatures down to the mid 20’s. Here at Cox Cactus Farm, you can find them for sale in 15g, 25g, 30in box, and 36in box, in addition to specimen trees available. Contact your sales rep to get current availability and pictures!

PURPLE THREE AWN Aristida pupurea

This relatively small, compact grass grows to about 2’ x 2’ in an upright fashion. This plant is an excellent choice for Arizona’s landscapes for its purplish flower spikes that bloom from Summer through to Fall. It prefers dryer climates and thrives with less waterings, even in full sun. You can find these at Cox Cactus Farm in 1g and 5g. Check in with your sales rep to see what’s available now!

ICEBERG ROSE Rosa spp. ‘Iceberg’

Looking for some beautiful roses that will keep on blooming, even in Arizona, even during the Summer? And you need it low maintenance too? You’ve found it in the Iceberg Rose. Not only does it thrive in full-sun in the Summer but it’s cold hardy too and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Cox Cactus grows these in the very popular white, as well as pink and can be purchased in 1g, 5g, and 15g. Check out our current availability to see what’s ready now.

SPIRAL CEREUS Cereus forbesii spiralis

Now, aren’t these cool? This tight spiraling cactus is a statement piece for any landscape – big or small. It’s blueish color is a nice contrast to green lawns or any landscape rock. It doesn’t branch but grows multiple trunks over time all while keeping that nice tight spiral. It’s a touch sensitive to the cold so you’ll want give them those cute little Styrofoam hats for winter temperatures dipping below 30 degrees, but does well in the full sun or part-shade of Arizona the rest of the year. If you’re planting during those warm to hot temperatures, drop some shade cloth over it for the duration of Summer until it’s acclimated. Cox Cactus Farm offers these in 5g, 15g, and 25g with specimens to come in the future! If you’re in search of THE cactus to set your landscape project apart, contact your sales rep for current availability and photos!

BLONDE AMBITION Bouteloua gracilis

Blonde Ambition is known for its wispy blonde seedheads that appear to float above its blue/green undergrowth, making this a striking addition to any landscape with a noticeable color contrast that lasts through the winter. This clumping grass grows up to 3’ tall and wide. It does well in full sun and takes cold temperatures down to 0 degrees. Cox Cactus Farm is proud to offer these in 1g and 5g. Check out our Current Availability to see what we have ready now!