We offer fast and friendly WILL-CALLS that are actually pulled before you get here! Time is money and we understand the unnecessary cost associated with standing around waiting for your plants to be pulled – or worse, your team standing around waiting for their plants to be pulled. We value your time and our team will get you in-and-out as quickly as possible! Give us 30 minutes notice and we’ll be ready!

We offer local and out-of-town DELIVERIES including Tucson, Wickenburg, and Prescott using our own fleet of semis and straight trucks. Ask your sales representative for current delivery minimums and fees.

With the use of common carriers, we DELIVER OUT-OF-STATE to Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and California as well. Contact Ashley Peterson for any out-of-state orders, or Alan for the Las Vegas area. They are both all-stars at coordinating trucking and will-calls.

We are proud of how clean and well organized our yards are and we will represent you well for NURSERY VISITS anytime you have a client that would like to come select their own plants. There is only one rule – a representative from your company must accompany your client to our nursery otherwise they will be asked to leave and return when you are available. Pricing will never be discussed with your clients.